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List Of Vitamin Deficiency Diseases

1. Keratinizing metaplasia - Due to vitamin A deficiency the epithelial lining of 
respiratory passage becomes rough dry and keratinized.

2. Xerosis - Dryness of skin and conjunctiva due to a vit A deficiency.

3. Xerophthalmia - Dry and lusterless cornea and conjunctiva due to a vit A 

4. Bitots's spot - White or greasy triangular deposits on the bulbar conjunctiva 
adjacent to the lateral margin of the cornea due to vitamin A deficiency.

5. Keratomalacia - Xerosis and ulceration of the cornea resulting from severe vit 
A deficiency.

6. Nyctalopia or Night blindness - Poor vision at night due to decreased synthesis 
of rhodopsin in absence of vit A.

7. Phrynoderma or Toad skin - Thick and scaly skin due to vit A deficiency.

8. Xerostomia - Non-secretion of salvia due to destruction of saliva secreting cells 
in absense of vit A.

9. Gena valgum or Knock knee - Due to vit D deficiency in children legs are 
deformed and curved inward so that the knees are close together, knocking as the 
person walks, with the ankles widely separated.

10. Bowleg - A deformity of children due to vit D deficiency in which one or both 
legs are bent outward at the knee.

11. Rickety rosary - The cartilaginous portion of the ribs swell in children due to 
vit D deficiency.

12. Scoliosis - Sideways deviation of the backbone in children due to vit D 


13. Pigeons brest - Due to vit D deficiency the lower part of the sternum, xyphoid
process project outward conically by lengthening of the costal cartilage.

14. Harrisons sulcus - A depression develops on both sides of the chest wall of a 
child between the pectoral muscles and lower margin of the rib cage due to vit D 
deficiency in children.

15. Craniotabs - Due to vitamin D deficiency in children ossification of the bones 
of skull does not take place properly as a result of the presence of soft bones at 
various points on the skull.

16. Pot belly - Due to vitamin D deficiency in children muscle of belly do not 
developed properly, as a result the belly muscles become non-elastic, therefore 
belly protrudes outward.

17. Ricket - Due to vitamin D deficiency among children the bones do not harden 
and are malformed.

18. Osteomalacia - Softening of bones in adults due to vitamin D deficiency.

19. Osteoporosis - Loss of bony tissue in adults due to vitamin D deficiency as a 
result bones become brittle.

20. Sterility - Due to deficiency of vit E production of gametes does not take place.

21. Abortion - Due to deficiency of vit E in female early termination of pregnancy 

22. Muscular dystrophy - Muscle fails of contract due to vit E deficiency.

23. Exudative diathecis - Due to vit E deficiency exudation of fluid takes place from 
cells and tissues of various parts of the body.

24. Ceroid pigmentation - In children vit E deficiency leads to deposition of excessive 
pigment at various places on the body.

25. Blood vomiting in new born - Due to vit K deficiency bleeding takes places from 
the mouth of newborn baby.

26. Beriberi - A disease of the peripheral nervous system due to deficiency of vit B1.
       Wet beriberi - In this type there is an accumulation of tissue fluid within body. 
       Dry beriberi - In this type paralysis of the limbs take place.

27. Wernick's encephalopathy - In adult vit B1 deficiency leads to mental confusion 
or delirium in combination with paralysis of the eye muscles and an uneasy gait.

28. Nystagmus - Due to vit B1 deficiency in adults disorders of the brain occurs and 
thereby rapid involuntary movement of the eye takes place.

29. Cheilosis - Due to vit B1 deficiency lips become swollen, cracked with bright red 

30. Stomatitis - Inflammation of the mucus lining of the mouth with the painfulwhite 
ulcers on cheeks, tongue and gum occur due to vit B1 deficiency.

31. Glossitis - Inflammation of the tongue takes place due to vit B2 deficiency.

32. Keratitis - Ulceration on cornea due to vit B2 deficiency.

33. Seborrhoeic dermatitis - Due to vit B2 deficiency development of scaly ulceration 
and sticky exudation from scalp.

34. Erythroid hypoplassia - Anaemia caused by destruction of haemopoietic cells of 
red bone marrow due to vit B2 deficiency.

35. Chromitrichia - Hair becomes grayish due to vit B3 deficiency.

36. Pellegra - Scaly dermatitis of exposed surfaces due to vit B5 deficiency.

37. Pernicious anaemia - Anaemia due to absence of vit B12 in diet.

38. Scurvy - Swollen bleeding gums due to vit C deficiency.



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