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Chutney's place of origin is India. Chutney may be sweet, sour or hot. It is mainly taken as the last item of full course meals, but you can take it with some snacks or foods like samosa, dosa, uttapam or any chops.

There are many varieties of chutney, like - tomato chutney, mango chutney, coconut chutney, dhania chutney, tamarind chutney and more.

Tomato chutney is a popular last item of full course Bengali meals. Mango chutney is a popular last item of summer meals in India.

Tomato Chutney Recipe
Dhania Chutney (coriander chutney) Recipe
Mango Chutney(sweet) Recipe
Pineapple Chutney(sweet) Recipe
Tamarind Chutney(Imli chutney) Recipe
Idli Chutney Recipe
Papaya chutney Recipe
Mint chutney(pudina chutney) Recipe
Green chutney(coriander with garlic chutney) Recipe
Mango chutney(sour) Recipe
Aam posto(mango with poppy seed) Recipe
Tomato khejur aamsattwa chutney(tomato, dates, dried mango chutney) Recipe
Tomato topa kooler chutney(tomato & indian plum chutney) Recipe
Topa kooler chutney(indian plum chutney) Recipe
Kamranga chutney(carambola chutney) Recipe
Aam tel(mango pickle with mustard oil) Recipe
Chili pickle Recipe
Date pickle Recipe
Gooseberry pickle Recipe
Jack-fruit pickle Recipe
Oal sorshe Achaar Recipe
Chulta-r Tak
Chulta Posto

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