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Last three years I was very busy with my little angel (now also I am bussy, but now I can manage some time to post in my fivetastes). My little one is very choosy about everything including foods, she is very precise about her choice and like to have new food everyday. So I try to prepare many new dishes for her. The dishes that are easy to prepare, easy to eat with her new teeth and good for her. I want to share those easy recipes with you.

Although my daughter like different foods but she has two comfort food, one is yellow semoline (saffron halwa) and other khichri, especially prepared for her.

There may be other recipes for the dishes mentioned here, but these dishes are especially prepared for todlers, I give the names to make the dishes attractive to her.

Here are some other recipes :

Paneer Cutlet
Egg Flower
Fish chop
Chicken pokoda
Fish curry
French Fries
Chicken envelope
French toast
Bread Pokoda
Fried bread
Envelope Potato

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