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"Namaste" - This site is not just another of thousands of recipe sites. Most recipe sites will tell you the name of a recipe, its ingredients and the method of preparation. But we also provide scientific names and systematic positions of recipe ingredients for easy identification across the globe. A true lover of food will understand the value of this information. Hope you will enjoy the recipes..

Recent Recipe Posts:

» Chicken Thukpa (noodles in gravy)
Ingrediants: 400 g egg noodles 100 g Spinach, washed and cut into pieces 1 cup onion, chopped Capsicum julienned –

» Bread Chat
Bread Chat - you can make this excellent tasty snack with leftover breads Ingredients Bread pieces- aprrox quarter pound Black Chana (boiled)-

» Char Magaz
Char Magaz Proper Char Magaz is a combination of four seeds and nuts viz. Almonds, Pumpkin seeds, Cantaloupe Seeds

» White Chicken
White Chicken Ingredients: Chicken 250 gms capsicum 1 (chopped) ginger paste 1

» Tomato Chicken
Tomato Chicken Ingredients: Chicken 250 gms tomato 3 (finely chopped) bay leaves 2-3

» Ladakhi Chicken
Ladakhi Chicken Ingredients: Chicken 250 gms tomato 1 (chopped) green chilli 3

» Karaishuti Katla (Katla fish and peas with spicy gravy)
Karaishuti Katla (Katla fish and peas with spicy gravy) Ingredients: Katla fish 250 gms (cut into pieces)

CHITOL MAACHER MUITHA (Dumplings prepared from clown knifefish) Ingredients: Chitol maach (solid piece-gaada) 250 gms, ginger paste 1 tbsp

» Paneer Cutlet
Delicious paneer cutlet for your toddler Ingredients four thin slices of paneer (3inch*2inch*1/2inch approx) one egg a spoonful finely chopped onions, coriander

» Simple yet healthy side dish for breakfast
A Healthy yet Tasty side dish for your breakfast Ingredients 2 medium size potato A small cauliflower A handful peas Amedium


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